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Development plan

Apr 13, 2009 at 7:50 AM
The current development plan is as follows :
  1. Finish the Full factoring mode in the FactoringBigNumber
  2. Finish the FactoringBigNumber to have all the functionality
  3. Implement FastBigNumber - as you probably realized, the Stibine is good for AI applications but not for mathematical applications because it is store in a very inefficient way for calculations - in base 10. The FastBigNumber will be in base 2^32 thus faster to manipulate but much slower to display.
  4. Implement Rationalizer<T>
  5. Implement the CalculatingBigNumber - a big number that performs all mathematical operations in the background.

If you want another feature or change the order of these features please post a reply.

Also keep in mind that I am working full time and  finishing my MSc degree part time so without help this may take a while.